Dry Needling For Tendinopathy

What is dry needling? Dry needling involves the insertion of a very fine acupuncture needle into trigger points, muscles, and tendons.

What is a tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy refers to a degenerative change in the tendon’s cellular makeup. This can occur in any major tendon and has an increased incidence with age, males, obesity, and hormonal contraception.

How do you fix a tendinopathy?

Tendons are made mainly of type 1 collagen. Therefore, the goal with any tendinopathy treatment is to stimulate collagen production. This will create a remodelling process replacing the degenerative tissue with new stronger tissue.

How can dry needling achieve this?

Dry needling promotes tendon healing by:

  • Increasing local blood flow

  • Increasing collagen production

  • Increasing the tendons oxygen saturation

  • Improving tissue remodelling

  • Increasing the Tendons load bearing capacity

  • Reducing hypersensitivity

Dry needling for Achilles tendinopathy
Dry Needling for Achilles Tendinopathy

Inserting a needle into the tendon increases blood flow to the area. The increased blood flow helps to oxygenate the tendon and produce type 1 collagen needed for a strong, healthy tendon.

Dry needling can also help reduce the hypersensitivity experienced with tendinopathies. There is a pain transmitter called glutamate that is consistently seen in degenerative tendons. Dry needling blocks the release of glutamate, preventing the transmission of pain signals.

For a tendinopathy treatment, we recommend a 30min or 45min session depending on the sensitivity and severity of your condition.

If you are unsure whether this treatment is suitable for you please get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions! ezmovement@outlook.com

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